Some of My Project Videos


Various “Live” Flyers and Media Visualizers

Feel free to peruse my portfolio gallery, there are some video media projects over there that aren’t listed here!


DontPaws Commercial

This is my stab at making a cheesy commercial, it was last minute and rushed but I enjoyed the outcome and plan on revisiting it someday!


Lick – PRL Anee Feat Paws
(Official Audio Video)

This is a music video I produced using After Effects in 2018 for a song my partner PRL Anee and I produced and engineered.


Animation Class Clips

For this project, we were given the models and allowed freedom to animate. This was my first completed 3D animation, ever.

Clip #1 of 2!
Clip #2 of 2!

Fuck On A Waiter [Paws ft. Slay Jay] Prod. By PRL Anee (Official Audio Video)

This is a graphical music video I put together patching gifs in place and trying a couple of different styles early on in my video editing career. The artists featured are $lay Jay and myself, Paws.

Austin Free-Net: Digital Inclusion Week 2017

I partnered with Google Fiber and Austin Free-Net to create a production aimed at digital inclusion.
I edited the audio pre animation.